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Fees are charged at an hourly rate of $4 (same as WINZ subsidy) for all booked times, plus any extra time your child attends outside of his or her booked times.

There will also be a one-off $5 charge at enrollment for your child’s portfolio folder. This will be added to your child’s account. Please complete our enrolment form here.

Relevant Policies

Settling policy

Rationale: To treat the child with respect and make the transition from home to the Preschool as friendly and non- threatening as possible.

We endeavour to:

  • Ensure the environment is warm and welcoming
  • Acknowledge the child and his/her family and whanau
  • Assign one teacher to attend the child and awhi for certain period of time until the child is ready to play.
  • Explain routines and procedures to the child and parent
  • Acknowledge child’s feelings and take any fears or concerns seriously
  • Introduce child to 1-2 children of similar age
  • Introduce to other teachers

Privacy policy

Rationale: Privacy Act 1993, CYFS and Family Act

Maintain confidentiality at all times

  • Do not discuss other children without parent’s permission
  • All legal information required by law regarding a child is to be kept in individual file in the filing cabinet eg. Court order documents and medical records
  • When reporting an incident, do not use other child’s name (be aware that other child may do so)
  • Permission is obtained on enrolment form for observations, photos, videos, displays etc. We must be mindful of the child’s rights and feelings
  • Individual profiles are to become the property of the child/parent when they leave.

Treat of Waitangi

Rationale:  The Preschool recognises the intent of the Treaty of Waitangi and values New Zealand’s bi-cultural heritage. We value and celebrate Maori as Tangata Whenua.


  • To treat each culture in a balanced and natural manner
  • The programme will enhance the culture, customs and practices of each culture through language, waiata, art, books, games, toys and food.

Guiding Principles for Teachers:

  • To incorporate Te Whariki and Biblical principles into the overall educational needs of each child
  • By encouraging the parents/whanau to be part of the decision making process such as self-review and curriculum programmes and planning.

Unwell/Sick policy

Rationale: To ensure the Well-being and Health of the child, children and Staff attending the Preschool is promoted and nurtured.

Parent/Guardian:  If your child appears to be unwell before arriving at Preschool, PLEASE keep him/her at home.  An unwell child prefers the attention of its parent/guardian in their own home

At the Supervisor’s discretion the following procedure will be followed –

  • If the child appears to be unwell check temperature
  • Put child into isolation area until collected
  • Ring the parent/guardian, if unavailable ring emergency person on Enrolment form.  If unavailable, ring persons allowed to collect on Enrolment form

Smoking policy

(In accordance with the Smoke Free Environment Act 1990)

Rationale: The Management and Staff of Sonrise Preschool believe that it is important to protect non-smokers from tobacco smoke while recognising that smoking is not an illegal activity.  This policy also covers smoking of illegal drugs.  This policy reinforces that the Staff are a role model for our children and reflects our Christian beliefs

  • Smoke-Free environment and No smoking signs to be displayed at all times
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the Preschool and the ground area
  • Non-compliance of this policy shall be resolved using the disciplinary procedures set out by the Management Board in the concerns, complaints and related documents policy

Sleep policy

RATIONALE: To uphold the safety and well-being of children in our care while they are sleeping.


  • No child to be given fluids while lying down
  • Individual bedding to be changed and washed weekly unless otherwise required
  • Record of duration of sleep: 5 minute intervals.
  • The room will be kept aerated and at a comfortable temperature (recommendation of no less than 16 degrees and no more than 23 degrees) while child is asleep or at rest
  • Noise will be kept to a minimum
  • A copy of the Sleeping Policy will be on the wall.
  • A bed and an individual blanket will be supplied for children needing to sleep.

Nut-Free policy: Sonrise is a nut-free centre

We encourage parents NOT to bring any food containing nuts or traces of any nuts.

In the interest of eliminating risk to children with nut allergies the centre is a nut free zone. Nut allergies are very common and can cause a severe reaction (sometimes anaphylactic) amongst young children.

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